Sterilization and COVID-19

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RBY Gaming has partnered with some of the leading companies in sterilization solutions to offer gaming and hospitality establishments an arsenal of products to address hi-touch surfaces in the both front and back of the house operations. These products have been thoroughly vetted and backed with both scientific and medical proven scientific research which is presented to our clients so they can form their own opinions on the validity of the technology. We can work through each potential touch point and apply the right solution to protect both guests and employees. Our goal is to offer ongoing protection for staff and patrons entering an establishment. We achieve this by combination of permanent, wearable and repeatedly applied forms of protection for the premises, equipment and staff.

We call this our PLAYSAFE zone which can encompass the ongoing sterilization of these potential high touch traffic areas and items:

Entire gaming areas and contents:

  • Gaming surfaces such as VLT, traditional table games, electronic table games and slot machines
  • Gaming items such as chips, roulette balls, dice, etc.
  • Gaming pit items such as gaming tables and layouts, pit stands, chairs, etc.

Front of house areas and contents:

  • Entire rooms (contents included) such as guest rooms, bathrooms (public and guest, and storage rooms
  • Conventions spaces, theatres, and nightclubs Restaurants, food courts and banquet spaces
  • Elevators (entire or button panels)
  • ATMS, redemption kiosks, cash & cage
  • Guest items such as keys, remotes, telephones, pens, etc.
  • Gym spaces and equipment, Spas
  • Pool areas including furniture, cabanas, pool equipment, POS, bar, and gaming equipment
  • Public and shared spaces

Back of house and contents:

  • Entire rooms (contents included) such as any staff rooms, bathrooms (staff) or storage rooms (and potentially contents)
  • Staff Elevators (whole or button panels)
  • Workstation surfaces such as keyboards, touch screens, monitors, cage counters
  • Shared devices such as electronics, radios, maintenance tools, keys, cleaning equipment, or time clocks (both individual and high speed en mass disinfection)

We are in a constant state of sourcing new products and working with our partners to develop new solutions so we can continue to expand our ability to service our client’s existing and future needs.

By working with us:​

  • You benefit by showing an ongoing commitment to the health and safety of guests, employees and our communities as a top priority
  • Eradicating illness causing microorganism
  • Leading the industry in next-generation safety protocol
  • Provide guests a healthier experience and more reasons to do business with you
  • Differentiate from the competition with forward thinking innovation.

As no two properties are alike, RBY Gaming will work with you to create a solution and a set of protocalls to help you create the safe environment you desire for your guest and staff.


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